January 20, 2017

VidCon is the world’s largest annual gathering of the most influential online personalities–with over 30,000 of their fans at the Anaheim Convention Center.

AV Concepts has been the audio-visual staging and event technology partner for VidCon since 2012, and has supported the conference through a growth of over 2000% attendance so far to date.

An event of this magnitude includes lots of moving parts, including: multiple stages, a concert arena, an experiential exhibit floor, and numerous workshops, lounges, parties and keynote sessions. And AV Concepts is there every step of the way, helping VidCon bring together industries, communities and creators to discuss, explore, share and celebrate what’s next in online video.

VidCon has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, with its growth documented in videos like the one below–from events years prior. In comparison, you can see how much its grown today from its earlier inception. Don’t forget to see the latest VidCon US photos in our photo gallery.