What You Need to Know if You Missed Cvent CONNECT

What You Need to Know if You Missed Cvent CONNECT

June 29, 2015 Corporate Blog


This year, we had the pleasure of being the new official audio-visual sponsors of Cvent CONNECT, designing an immersive general session experience that featured a 250-ft curved screen that garnered rave reviews from presenters Randi Zuckerberg and Ivanka Trump, as well as ignited a social media frenzy from attendees who were blown away by experience.

This concept of creating “memorable experiences” was the cornerstone of our keynote address, in which we presented on how brands are relying more heavily on experiential marketing as a key component of their overall brand strategy. We examined analytics on experiential marketing spend, the psychology behind why events drive more sales and loyalty than other tactics, and video examples for creating immersive event experiences that deliver the highest ROI and drive the most social media engagement.

Here are the three critical elements we shared for producing successful experiential events:

1. Content + Context = Social Currency

It’s not about your executives; it’s about your audience. Know your audience, what’s important to them, and what’s going to get them excited. Designing a truly unique and inspiring experience, where the audience feels appreciated, creates the ideal context for your content to become influential “Social Currency” that is widely shared across numerous social media channels.

2. Elements of Surprise & Emotional Connection

Incorporate elements of surprise to keep your audience engaged throughout the experience. Then ensure you’re creating content and experiences that will evoke an emotional reaction to ensure deeper levels of connection with your audience, your brand, and most importantly your message.

3. Inspire Sharing in Real Time

Success is when your audience stops using their devices to check e-mail, but instead, to capture that “moment” they can’t wait to share. Consider your audience, brand and message and then show your attendees something that they’ll want to share…right now!

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