Unlocking the Creative Cuffs: How D-Mitri Digital Audio Enhances Show Experiences

Unlocking the Creative Cuffs: How D-Mitri Digital Audio Enhances Show Experiences

March 16, 2015 Corporate Blog


Your creative team plans stunning visuals to ensure unforgettable show experiences—but if the audio doesn’t perform perfectly, you’ve blown the effect.  That’s where the D-Mitri Digital Audio Platform saves the day.

D-Mitri provides an entire multi-channel audio environment incorporating all I/O, signal processing, matrix mixing, routing, and loudspeaker management in a fully networked infrastructure with the flexibility to meet countless application-specific needs, while seamlessly accommodating growth.

The audio platform pairs ultra-high quality audio transfer—96k at 24-bit resolution—with the flexibility to control multiple sources running any number of popular control languages simultaneously. D-Mitri incorporates redundant networked AVB communication via Ethernet for powerful, dependable connectivity that streamlines implementation and testing—giving back the one thing you can’t buy on show site: peace of mind.

D-Mitri’s matrices and space mapping software offer a high level of intuitive integration that enables any team to create and bring immersive experiences to life. This is creating a revolution in the events industry because creative teams no longer need to be distracted with system compatibility or capacity issues. Creatively, the cuffs are off. If you can dream it, D-Mitri provides the power to make it happen with remarkable accuracy and flexibility.

What comes next with D-Mitri is really up to the imagination, but here are a few examples you might want to consider implementing for your next event:

  • Tightly targeted sound for stunning effects—from every seat in the house. When you’re surrounded by visual motion, nothing can ruin the effect like audio that’s out of sync.  At a recent event, D-Mitri delivered tightly-targeted 5.1 feedback (3 front, 2 back + sub) in a huge space by leveraging precise space mapping across 20 speakers.  It’s true audio intimacy—anywhere.
D-Mitri delivers tightly-targeted sound creating intimate show experiences, even in larger venues
  • Multiple acts and a variety of systems—automated seamlessly. Let’s say you’re producing a major event with multiple sessions, presenters, and multimedia effects in tight succession. You could spend days planning and testing. Or, you could choose D-Mitri—centralized control, completely programmable automation—and the remarkable scalability of virtually any number of networked audio channels.  It’s the most powerful small-rack automation available, and buys you hours in set-up and testing by eliminating extraneous cabling. Once setup and implemented, you can walk away confidently with the assurance that everything will go off without a hitch.
D-Mitri gives you pre-programmed, centralized control, allowing tight succession between sessions
  • Look what followed me home. With the power of D-Mitri, you don’t have to put people in chairs to deliver targeted media. In fact, with the addition of devices like RFID chips, your immersive story can follow each individual or group as they move through a space. Imagine each participant armed with a simple badge or wristband that unlocks a world of interaction that unfolds just for them.
D-Mitri creates immersive experiences, with targeted sound that follows attendees

AV Concepts is among the first to offer Dmitri, leveraging this highly-scalable system for everything from intimate venues to convention centers. We understand its vast capabilities, and can match your ideas with additional opportunities to enhance development.  Let us introduce your team to an amazing new tool. You’ll be amazed at the immersive experiences we can create together. Contact today to learn more.


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