Projection Mapping Systems

Our proprietary 3D projection mapping systems surprise and engage attendees’ sense of wonder.

Add dimension and optical illusion to amplify your message. Project onto unique shapes, complex 3D stages and even full-size buildings. Whether it’s an intimate gala, a large-scale user conference, or a permanent display, video projection mapping takes your event to the next level.

We know setting up event technology can be a risky undertaking. That’s why you need a partner who understands how to leverage tech to enhance your message. Not detract from it. We’re your event tech experts to give you projection mapping that works for you. Move your audience with an experience that tells a story. Create a deeper connection with your attendees. You get maximum impact for your tech budget with AV Concepts.

We can create content and map out the project for you. We deliver all 3D projects quickly and efficiently with our Liquid Scenic® Servers. Let us take care of the details. That way, you can sit back and enjoy the show.

We’ve been delivering added value in event and conference production for 30 years. We’ve built hundreds of shows with our proprietary projection mapping Liquid Scenic® tech for television, theatrical, commercial, and live events. Re-invigorate your event experience with AV Concepts.