Breakout Solutions

The quality of your breakout sessions can make or break the perception of your event.

We are masters of orchestrating and executing backstage logistics. We provide breakout AV equipment, staff and presentation management planning. Not to mention we make every minute and every dollar count.

Our presentation delivery servers ensure your breakouts run smoothly. Plus, we help to reduce your labor costs. Use our time-saving Breakout Pods, a rapid deployment system for equipment and rigging. Save on budget with our Call to Action System, eliminating the need for an AV tech in every room. We also have our own warehouse with 500,000 audio visual components. From start to finish, we have you covered.

Our breakout planning starts with room layout and audience flow. We can recommend the audio-visual equipment rentals for the event. If need be, we can record the breakout for the world to watch even after the event ends.

Our team of logistics experts keeps your event goals in mind. We’re always inventing creative new ways to stretch your breakout dollars. You save on time, and, on money. We do this while focusing on the highest quality experience to attendees. Give us a call and ask us to invent something for you.