Q & A with Dave Deis

Q & A with Dave Deis

November 27, 2018 Corporate Blog


How long have you been in the AV industry?
“30 years.”

Where did you work previously?
“I worked as a Field Application Engineer at Christie Digital for my first 15 years, where I focused on projector repairs and site surveys for installations. I moved over to VER as a Senior Level Engineer, training techs and overseeing complex Image Processing equipment such as Vista Spyder Barco Encore E2 and The Analog Way Ascender for the last 15 years.”

How did your relationship begin with AV Concepts?
“Nick Smith (CEO of AV Concepts) and I met 20 years ago while working on a project together. We’ve stayed in contact ever since.”

What do you believe is your biggest contribution to the AV industry?
“I’m to the point in my career where with the large knowledge base I have – I want to be able to share. Being able to train people to be more efficient is a really important thing to do in this industry that’s all about efficiency.”

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
“Being able to train show techs but also train salespeople how to really implement a system is rewarding for me. At the end of the day, my goal is to not get a phone call on the weekends. If I’ve trained you well enough to do it by yourself then you won’t need to call me.”

What are you most excited about at AV Concepts?
“I’m very excited for the opportunity to join AV Concepts’ intimate team. So many corporations now go through large mergers and acquisitions and it leaves internal and external disconnection. It’s exciting to be part of a team that feels tight-knit and in-the-loop on what’s going on.”

What is one piece of AV technology that is most exciting to you right now?
“The Barco E2 Switching System we are using at AV Concepts is a ‘game-changer’ in this window of opportunity to stand out in the industry.”

What’s the biggest trend you see in the industry right now?
“The setup time for events is shrinking as budget allowances continue to thin, which means techs must be well trained and systems must be efficient. That means our techs have to be the best trained and our systems have to be seamless in order to save clients money and time. At AV Concepts, we are prepared and go into tech development and training with that mindset.”

Have more questions for Dave? Reach out to him personally at ddeis@avconcepts.com.


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