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AV Concepts partners with brands, their agencies, and production partners to deliver creative and technical event solutions. We offer a complete range of staging services, and we warehouse over 500,000 audio-visual components that enable any production to quickly spring to life. Our world-class team of technicians is specialized in every aspect of our audio-visual equipment, ensuring your events run smoothly from pre-production planning through on-site execution. 

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Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is live event technique utilizing multiple streams of HD digital video that are projected across large shapes, expansive surfaces or architectural structures to achieve a stunningly immersive experience. 

Projection mapping captivates audiences by distorting their perception of reality by using real-life, 3D objects as projection surfaces for custom video content. These surfaces become a new window into an alternate reality with limitless possibilities.

In its most basic form, you can achieve simple projection mapping with a projector, computer and the right software. For larger projects, where a single projector isn't enough to cover the surface you want to transform, it’s best to hire professional video projection mapping experts that employ engineers, designers, content creators, projectionists, and staging specialists because bigger installations are far more complex and require a lot of additional planning, server systems and specialized software.

The distance from the tip of the projector's lens to the receiving surface. This is a crucial element to understand, especially when space is limited. Short throw distances impact the logistics of projector placement and the maximum size of the projected image. There's a wide array of lensing that can accommodate various throw distances, including some new on the market in 2015 that allow for 3X the width of a projected image relative to the throw distance. For example, you could project a 30ft wide image with just 10ft of throw distance. This is double the performance of previous direct-projection lenses.

Throw Distance

Our Services

AV Concepts has a world-class team of event veterans, devoted to bringing the incredible effects of projection mapping to your live events. The combination of our cutting-edge technology and creative vision can help bring your ideas to life. Plus, our proprietary Liquid Scenic® technology includes a full content management solution you won’t find in other servers.

The Technology That Powers Projection Mapping

By using our own proprietary software and service, Liquid Scenic, AV Concepts can precisely map virtual content onto 3D surfaces by forced manipulation of geometry, warping, masking and multi-video stream blending. Liquid Scenic service enables multiple projector blends that transform ballrooms, building façades, and even aircraft carriers into larger-than-life experiences that wow audiences.

Does Your Project Need Experienced Professionals?

When done right, the visual impact of projection mapping transcends ordinary projection to deliver more memorable experiences. It can also be a really cost-effective way to transform event spaces – eliminating the need to make physical changes to your venues. Projection Mapping enables event planners to make use of an entire room’s architecture to create show experiences that break out of the confines of small screens, or even claim larger architectural structures by transforming them into part of the live event. Projection mapping also offers the element of surprise, which often translates into a bigger event impact, and higher ROI.

The Value of Projection Mapping When Done Right

Understanding the Science of Projection Mapping

The best way to understand how projection mapping works, is to see it in action. So, we’ve broken down a recent award-winning projection mapping exhibit we designed for Epson America to help you visualize the various elements, and understand the terms used to describe them.

The cone of projection is a non-visual 3D cone of light being emitted from a projector. When implementing projection mapping, you have to take into account the size of the cone as it travels from the lens to the receiving surface to ensure nothing enters the cone; otherwise a shadow will be cast on the projection surface. The cone of projection can be determined in the design but will always have to be fine-tuned on site with your projectionists and the lead technical designer.

*BASIC TIP: Sending white through your projector is essentially seeing your full cone of projection.

Cone of Projection

Projection blends are when you combine imagery from two or more projectors into one larger, seamless image. In order to do this, your video content has to overlap by a certain amount so you can align, warp and create soft blends where the images are overlaid. Projection blending is as much an art as it is a science, and skilled projectionists may take hours on show site to fine-tune everything to achieve smooth blends. AV Concept's Liquid Scenic projection mapping services ensure soft blends across enormous spaces. Our largest project to date included 36 projection blends across a 300 ft. stage (the size of a football field).

Projection Blending

Content management is the practice of planning, rendering and channeling video content into multiple streams of projection to achieve a desired result. The more complex the mapping project, the more video content that has to be managed, which is why you’ll need multi-disciplinary creative and video engineering professionals with a keen eye for detail and tremendous audio-visual expertise overseeing your project on site.

Content Management

When you put together all of these technical elements, you get a flawless experience that wows audiences.

Transforming Environments