January 1, 2017 Breakout, General Session

Since 2015, AV Concepts has partnered with Cvent to deliver a memorable General Session experience at Cvent CONNECT. At their most recent event, 4,000 attendees experienced a collaborative design which featured a custom projection canvas, moving scenic elements and a holographic activation.

Alongside Cvent’s internal creative and events departments, our technical and show production teams crafted the environmental room design, show scheduling and programming. Animations, videos and presentations dashed over the 200’ projection surface, making way for dynamic stage entrances and rock star moments for our presenters.

Through our partnership, we also had the opportunity to launch one of our unique solutions, Breakout Of The Future. BOTF is an alternative concept to your standard conference breakout rooms with unique screen designs, room layouts, video tables, and augmented reality all within the reach of a typical breakout budget. Learn more about our BOTF here.

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