Holographic Stage Performances

You’ve got a big stage to fill. How do you capture and hold your attendees’ attention? Our collaboration with holographic display technology rock stars Rezin8 gives us access to their proprietary Liquid Scenic® projection hardware and expertise. Rezin8 is best known for bringing Tupac back to life at Coachella, but it doesn’t have to be rock and roll – charts, graphs, remote executives, even interactive avatars can come to life.

You’ve got thousands of attendees pulsing with energy as the presenter walks on with music and videos. Your main act enters to a thunderous applause. But then, the PowerPoint presentation comes out. And half the audience goes back to checking their phones. Keep your attendees engaged. Generate incredible excitement by utilizing holographic stage performance technology.

These mind blowing illusions are great for product demos or virtual speakers. They are the best fit for entertainment events, but they can be used for educational training too.

Rezin8’s team of tech professionals have lit up stages for Google, Starbucks and an entire basketball court for the NCAA Final Four. Combined with AV Concepts 30 years of superior service and event design, it’s an unbeatable team. Contact us to jump on board.

Perfect For:

Educational Trainings

Entertainment Events

Marketing Activations

Product Demonstrations

Virtual Speakers

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Panasonic Ultra-Short-Throw Lens

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