Event Content Management

For large events with many vendors, partners and speakers, there will be a lot of content to manage. Who is going to pull it all together? We take charge of the collection and management of all types of content: audio, visual and even old school paper if necessary.

We corral everything ahead of time to provide a smooth live event production. We convert all content to the proper format and test it out with the same equipment used for your show. We ensure all the correct versions are uploaded on-time. And, we make sure everyone’s in the loop with an up-to-date content repository for the show.

3D graphics, animations, video, and all presentation materials are all managed in one place. That gives you flexibility to adapt to last minute changes. We centralize your event themes into live production output across any medium. We’ll show you your content on the actual show equipment in advance so everything goes perfectly on-stage.

Need more inspiration and creative direction? Our friends at Rezin8 have developed best-in-class, award winning immersive content for Google, Dell and the NCAA Final Four. Call us and we’ll put a team together for you.

We Prep:

Presentation Files

Video Content

Image Assets

3D Graphics


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