Making Technology Work, and Not the Other Way Around

Making Technology Work, and Not the Other Way Around

November 28, 2017 Corporate Blog


Event technology can make or break an event concept. If you’re putting on an event and showcasing innovation, we’re almost certain you’ll include event technology.

From projection mapped buildings to holographic effects, incorporating tech has been a mainstay for event planners for quite some time. But there is a way to do it without detracting from your overall experience.

A good aim at ensuring your event tech makes sense is to use it only in the context of your big idea. You should ask yourself a few simple questions: Does the technology fit within your theme, or your idea? Does as it change your original message or experience? Is it relevant to what you’re trying to do? If you answered no to any of these questions, you may be forcing something that doesn’t fit. And that can only lead to distraction.

On the other hand, researching and understanding a concept can lead to some incredible uses of event tech. When done right, technology can leave a lasting effect.

AV Concepts has been incorporating technology into events from their very inception. One of the important things to do is incorporate tech in a relevant way. It’s not just about pulling gear from a shelf and setting up some AV. It’s about supporting an experience with the technology in ways the make a message come alive. These teams do just that. And they strive to bring the message to the forefront, and use technology to elevate that. Because it’s not about showing off something high tech. It’s about showing off your brand, your concept–your idea.

AV Concept’s R&D Engineer Brian Kim says, “It’s all about elevating the concept or theme of an activation. A unique activation brings that message to the forefront. Technology just adds some magic to it.” Often it’s a necessary magic that can make or break a concept. You want the technology to appear seamless, and the focus to be the concept.

AV Concepts Solutions Engineer Eric Seyler has seen many hours in client brainstorming sessions. “Sometimes planning comes down to what you can do with your budget. Adding technology doesn’t always have to be expensive, but execution of technology, no matter what the cost should make sense.” Relevant event tech isn’t always about what you can afford. It’s about using it to support your message. And if you happen find that magical sweet spot, your event experience takes off. The proper message is delivered to your audience. And the technology to deliver that message is what takes the experience to the next level.

AV Concepts has specialized in lifting experiences for clients of all shapes and sizes. At this past years’ InfoComm 2017 event, AV Concepts partnered up with Epson to show off Epson’s annual innovation to the rest of the AV professional industry. Epson wanted to showcase their projectors in a different light. They wanted to show projection mapping on moving 3d objects. Instead of showing off their projectors in typical fashion, what better way to show this kind of movement than with a moving 3-dimensional screen.

So AV Concept’s R&D team did just that. They developed a proprietary method to show off Epson’s projector capabilities with flair. The team featured an entirely moving 3-dimensional screen that ebbed and flowed with the content of what was being displayed from the projector. It grabbed the attention of several attendees, realizing the screen was bending and shifting relevant to the content being shown. It showed off the Epson’s ability to realize the potential this had for future users. People glanced over as they’d realize hydraulics and some savvy engineering created curved surfaces where mountainous landscapes moved into view.

That reminds us of going the extra mile to embed technology that makes sense. AV Concepts is celebrating 30 years in advancing AV event solutions this year. AV Concepts may best be known for resurrecting Tupac Shakur at Coachella. And although the holographic technology existed before, it’s usage in that moment in time is what made that event iconic.

It wasn’t about using holographic technology for showing off what was technologically capable. It was about resurrecting an icon. A beloved talent for many, Tupac represented more than the technology itself. It showcased a rappers’ return to the spotlight at that very moment in time that brought shockwaves to the music scene. It made a statement. It brought attention to his work–to his talent. It made his work come alive as it had before, while paying homage to one of the music scene’s greatest rappers of an entire generation.

Yes, technology can make or break your event. But using the technology in the right context is how you’ll elevate your event. It’s how to use technology to support your cause. And not the other way around.

Whether it’s a corporate product line, or the resurrection of a superstar, event tech creates an experience. That kind of relevancy is what makes event technology worthwhile. It isn’t about forcing innovation for the sake of making something cool. It’s about adding to your concept, and bringing your message home. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in all the uses of event technology over the years–it’s that technology can add that special something to an idea. It can have a lasting effect that takes your breath away. And it’s those events that keep us talking. It’s those events that we’ll truly remember.


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