Talk LED with AV Concepts

Talk LED with AV Concepts

January 18, 2019 Corporate Blog


The LED wall is by no means a new technology, but in recent years has seen growth in popularity within the live events industry.

While LED tile sources have been made more available and affordable for customers, the number of high quality tile sources has remained limited, which is why AV Concepts has decided to invest in the newest, high-quality source on the market. With the acquisition of 400 Absen PL-2.5 Pro Series tiles and a diverse selection of powerful support gear, AV Concepts offers LED options with a value that is tough to match. 

What exactly are technical directors loving about Absens’ latest offering of LED technology?

At about 21lbs, our Absen PL-2.5 Pro LED tiles are within industry standards of physical weight; but are outweighing the competition when it comes to the intangible factors. These important factors include improvements in pixel density, footprint, and all-around quality – each of which measure superior to the competition.

In our opinion, the most poignant feature of our new Absen walls is the pixel density. Most LED tiles are 150 x 150, but the Absen PL-2.5 Pro Series tiles are an impressive 200 x 200 pixels. That is a 33% increase in picture resolution, right out of the box.

Vast improvement in the quality of LED wall ground support specifications is precisely what has made the technology a more viable solution to technical directors and event planners by saving time and money. Between AV Concepts’ ground support options and our team of knowledgable show-site techs, you can expect shortened setup and strike time when using the newest Absen LED Pro Series.

Another notable point-of-value with the Absen LED tiles is the footprint, or in other words, the real-estate it requires on show-site. With an accompanying maximum height of 20 tiles if flown and 10 tiles if ground stacked, when compared to most of the competition, the Absen LED walls literally…go higher, with a smaller footprint.

The quality and value of AV Concepts’ Absen LED wall technology is furthermore illustrated by the following features:

  • Adjustable curve connection blocks can be built-in to your wall design, supporting any increment of curvature between 5 degrees convex and 10 degrees concave.
  • Capabilities of color matching allow for more options to fit your content design needs.
  • Magnet-assisted Auto-Lock and Auto-Eject systems offer fast and easy one-man strike and set, with maximum safety and pixel protection.
  • Absen’s “UltraBlack Technology” gives the Absen PL-2.5 Pro Series LED tiles superior contrast, the highest levels of uniformity even at wide viewing angles, and a matte surface which dramatically reduces reflection even under direct light.
  • The most extreme of the highest standard in aging tests resulted in a failure rate of merely 30PPM.

If you are in the market for an LED wall, make sure to see what AV Concepts has to offer!

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