<strong>AV Concepts Turns 30!</strong> And we are still pushing the envelope with customized solutions!

AV Concepts Turns 30! And we are still pushing the envelope with customized solutions!

October 19, 2017 Corporate Blog


In November of 1987, two friends decided to take their audio-visual knowledge and put their own unique spin on it. Out of their garage came a business that leveraged their expertise in AV staging and technology. But they knew they wanted more than that; they wanted to change the industry all together.

The combined synergy of these two partners turned their technology passion into something revolutionary. Having staged several AV gigs in the local Phoenix area, it was time to take it to the next level. It wasn’t just about being able to set up gear anymore. It was about finding solutions that met their clients’ needs, budgets and delivered on their goals. It was the combination of customer service and passion for technology and expertise that launched AV Concepts – a staging company that was richer and fuller than the other guy.

From the beginning it was clear that the AV staging market was ready for a change. Understanding a customer’s technology needs not only enhanced their shows’ appearance, but created a perfect environment for pushing creative concepts and up-leveling events. Their garaged business evolved to a well-oiled machine as AV Concepts became a go-to for event planners nationwide.

The shows kept coming. From user conferences to product launches. Two screens, then five screens. Specialized stage designs that wowed attendees over and over. Standing activations that expanded out into the breakout rooms of events around the world.

One of the most memorable projects was a show for the city of New York after 9/11. A production partner stated that AV Concepts were the only people they had trusted for the job. “It was an emotional time,” says Mitch Teitelbaum, Director of Sales, Staging for AV Concepts. The production partner hired us to operate a public fair and discussion for affected families and local residents of the city. They wanted to address the aftermath on the construction of the 9/11 memorial site. “A lot of survivors and families were in attendance. It was important,” says Mitch. We felt that AV Concept’s work was helping “… [to] contribute to the healing of New York. It was very gratifying.” And for the first time, the company realized that what were doing was important. That it could affect lives and do more than just be simple event entertaining.

AV Concepts isn’t interested in status quo. Nick Smith, Co-Founder and President of AV Concepts is always looking to the future. “We always want to be forward thinking. That’s what this company is built on,” said Nick. “The future is what AV Concepts always sets its eyes on, and we never stop looking around the corner for what’s innovative–what’s new that people are going to feast their eyes on. What are they going to want next? How do we bring them to that.

Investing in R&D and technology has always been in our DNA. We see these as important enhancements and as a value add for our clients. We look to innovative services like holographic technology and projection mapping in addition to our overall solution. Plus, we house a vast amount of audio-visual equipment along with a team of creatives and technologists to push the bounds of what is possible in live events.

The consistent drive to be forward thinking with staging and creative technology birthed the on-stage hologram. Resurrecting Tupac at Coachella in 2012 not only brought AV Concepts to the forefront of innovation, it rocked the music scene. While many have since produced on-stage, post mortem holograms, AV Concepts was the first! The solution was amazing and the technology cutting edge, but the real value AV Concepts provided was the insight into combining technology with what’s relevant. The technology isn’t simply great by itself but requires insights and strategic concepts.

“Holographic technology has become a unique differentiator for us,” says Jim Thornton, Chief Revenue Officer at AV Concepts. “We continue to push the boundaries of event tech in addition to a spread of new solutions offerings.” Never willing to stop innovating, we’re in the process of developing a new holographic process that halves the costs for clients and provides a brighter and clearer holographic image–making it more accessible than ever before!

As we celebrate our 30th Anniversary, we are excited about what’s next in the live event world. We look forward to pushing the boundaries and helping our clients imagine, design, build, test and execute the next big thing!


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