AV Concepts Pushes Short-Throw Projection Limits with Panasonic

AV Concepts Pushes Short-Throw Projection Limits with Panasonic

April 8, 2016 Press Releases


TEMPE, Ariz.— April 8, 2016 —AV Concepts, a leader in audio-visual solutions, today released a case study showcasing how they pushed the limits of Panasonic’s ET-D75LE90 ultra-short-throw-lens with 3-chip DLP™ projectors to help their client produce an immersive projection mapping experience that saved valuable space, time and money on show site.

AV Concepts wanted to create an immersive environment for their end client using 360-degree projection. The problem was the venue, a small ballroom that made accommodating the necessary technology, without compromising space for the event, a challenge that threatened to derail the project.

“We knew our creative concept would be perfect for delivering the necessary wow factor our client was looking for. However, it demanded both front and rear projection, so with a limited floor area, and 15-foot ceilings, it was vital we found an audio-visual partner who could make every square-inch of the room count,” explained Curt Apanovich, Vice President of Creative at AV Concepts.

“Our in-house R&D team immediately started researching the latest projection technology on the market,” said Alex Howes, Vice President of Technology at AV Concepts. “We knew Panasonic was working on an ultra-short throw lens that would cut the space needed to a minimum.”

With Panasonic’s permission to try the lens before hitting the market, AV Concepts’ lead projectionists and engineers began careful pre-production testing. “After numerous tests comparing the new lens against others on the market, our team concluded that it definitely was the way to go,” Howes added.

“Our client was impressed with the results,” Apanovich said, “and we were pleased that AV Concepts was able to find a solution that only required a single operator for assembly, cut set-up time in half and still delivered an immersive experience for the audience.”

To learn more about AV Concepts’ in-house R&D capabilities, or to download a free copy of the entire case study, click here.

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