AV Concepts Adds <em>d&b audiotechnik</em> V & T Series Speaker Systems

AV Concepts Adds d&b audiotechnik V & T Series Speaker Systems

March 12, 2019 Corporate Blog


Time is money, especially for live event planning professionals. Technical Directors are under constant pressure to provide the best experience for their clients and create a wow-factor that leaves a lasting impression on their attendees. Finding a solution with the maximum performance value, while staying budget-conscious, is one of the most challenging day-to-day hurdles we all face. And once we think we’ve found that perfect solution, secondary costs come into play like shipping, labor, travel, etc. Add that all up, and peace of mind can become a scarce commodity! Well, rest your weary souls, our fellow AV enthusiasts. AV Concepts has the audio solution you have been looking for, utilizing d&b audiotechnik V & T Series line array systems.

At AV Concepts, we strongly believe in offering our gear in packages, or “complete solutions.” Our package solution approach saves our Technical Directors the time and hassle of shopping for individual components, while also saving money on labor and shipping costs. One PA package includes: (12) V8s, (4) V12s, (8) T10s, (2) B22 subs, (3) D20 amps, all the cables necessary to run the system, and the peace of mind that everything you need is accounted for. One system package will cover 2,500 attendees, two packages 5,000, and so on!

Relative to the competition, these incredibly configurable and versatile new AV Concepts PA System Packages boast fuller and much more accurate sound coverage, more customizable and much more speedy setup, and even a smaller footprint. The following are some PA system components and highlights (for a deeper glimpse and more technical specifics, click on the green links below to visit manufacturer product information pages):

D20 Amplifier
Each system package includes three of these 2RU 4-channel amplifiers, capable of outputting either NL4 or NL8 to send up to line array. Having a passive speaker saves on cable weight and labor, as opposed to an active speaker that would require running both XLR and power lines to each box. Our D20 comes in a rack that includes a D&B DS10 Audio Network Bridge to interface between each amp and integrate Dante protocols. It also includes a wireless access point and tablet, allowing your engineer to utilize R1 Remote control software to tune your system.

V-Series Loudspeaker (V8 & V12)
The d&b V-series speaker is a 3-way cabinet with hi, mid, and low components inside the box (compared to other cabinets in its size & weight class, which are traditionally 2-way). Having a 3-way box has traditionally required more amp channels to run the cabinet effectively, while also requiring a larger footprint to house all the components. This cabinet is a perfect way for us to improve the quality of our shows, remain within weight limits, and decrease our load in/out times. V8s & V12s are 80º & 120º respectively, each boasting a lightweight 75 lb (34 kg) and blasting up to 139 dB.

T10 Loudspeaker
The Swiss Army Knife of loudspeakers! Very versatile boxes that, with hand-adjustment, instantly switch from (90º) line array to (110º) point source modes. Coupling this adjustable horn with its cabinet’s wide variety of rigging options, means the T10 can always find the right fit for any show. Meanwhile, these 24 lb boxes also have an incredible max SPL of 132 dB and can run four speakers on a single amp channel!

B22 Subwoofer
Dual 18” omni-directional drivers are adjustable to be Cardioid Pattern, and can be programmed as part of a Cardioid Sub Array. Blow your clients’ attendees away, with up to 143 dB!

ArrayCalc Software
Build a 3D simulation of the venue, like with Vectorworks, and create zones of focus for the PA; auto-calculate your splay, find the most accurate rigging points, and predetermine your time alignment. Then, preconfigure amp channel settings to be loaded into the d&b R1 Remote control software; the D20 amp performing as a routing matrix, operated with the included tablet. Finally, use the d&b ArrayCalc Viewer mobile app on a smartphone, to see your splay angles and trim heights on-the-move.

At last! Forget about load-in and setup delays by challenges in audio system installation and tuning! From line array on a speaker stand, to ground stacks maintaining good splay, our lightweight and versatile PA systems are capable of almost any setup option imaginable. While a comprehensive abundance of incredibly intuitive rigging options makes the rigging process friendlier and more accurate than the vast majority of other choices on the market. All while maintaining a relatively minimal footprint!

Designed as a complete system solution, we also had standard-sized custom casing built, that is lightweight and very truck-pack-friendly, saving you money on labor and shipping costs. Modular, scalable, and customizable, AV Concepts’ d&b audiotechnik PA systems are the perfect solution for virtually all your live show events- no matter the size, budget, or venue.


If you’d like to learn more about how our speaker systems can enhance your event, click here to provide upcoming event details, and we’ll promptly get back to you with a response!

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