While we have partnered with many platform companies, we would like to highlight the IBM Watson Media solution.

This is a very versatile solution that can cover many needs.  Built on industry-leading computing and world-class security, the IBM eCDN platform can scale to meet any sized events while being a great ROI for its very reasonable pricing.

The solution can be configured to deploy in many different ways, from integration into an existing website/platform to being it own, fully hosted solution.

Features include:

  • Public or Secure platform hosting (with enterprise SSO as an option)
  • Clean and Simple webpage layout on the hosted option
  • Embed Live streaming and hosted video into existing websites or other platforms
  • Realtime Transcoding to multiple resolutions
  • Built-in Close Captioning and Multiple Language audio tracks
  • Simple Polling with single answer questions
  • Attendee Chat
  • Attendee to Presenter Q and A (can be public, moderated or private)
  • Question voting
  • Local hosting of media servers to reduce internet traffic for a set location


Overview Video: