But wait… you’re a live events company…


That’s only half true. Almost all of our live events have had a parallel of digital streaming and delivery since its inception, and who better to create the live event feel in a digital space? The virtual experience is nothing new to AV Concepts, and with the shift in safety protocols and event venues, we’re ensuring that you can keep meeting, keep creating, and keep connecting.





Production Content Management Creative
  • Project Management
  • Home Presenter Studio with Individualized Tech Support
  • Schedule Development and Implementation
  • Presenter Rehearsals and Coaching
  • In-Person and Remote Speaker Integration
  • Script Writing
  • Cross-platform Integration
  • Show Calling
  • Event and Technology Consultation
  • CDN Services
  • Filming Services
  • Personalized Event App Development and Integration
  • Embedded Player in Your Website 
  • Cross and Multiple Platform Delivery
  • Full Micro Site Development and Implementation
  • Content Security
  • Customized Layouts, Lower Thirds, PIPs, and more
  • Video Production
  • Holographic Delivery
  • Graphics and Content Creation
  • Website Design
  • Event Design
  • Virtual Environment Design


The Three P’s

  • Virtual Experiences – The Three P’s 
    • People – even virtually, events don’t happen without people. People behind the scenes executing the experience, and the people you’re delivering the experience to. How do you want the people attending your virtual event to feel and interact?
    • Production – a dedicated and talented production team supporting your event with creative solutions and technology to deliver a live event experience to your virtual audience. 
    • Platform – the technology “venue” to hold your event. The platform should be easy to navigate, be able to fit your expected attendees within your budget, and allow customizations that brand the event as yours.


Our Solutions

Our Virtual Event Studios

Home Presenter Studio

IBM Watson eCDN and Platform

Article – Is Live Streaming What Your Company Needs?


With 33 years in the event solutions space, we focus on the end result you want to accomplish, then build the roadmap using creativity and technology to get you there. We’re your partner and resource for your next event!