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Event Catalog

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Inspiration for your next staging setup.
Pricing, labor and turnaround details at your fingertips.

Planning at Your Fingertips

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Planning an event is stressful.

Event producers often face extremely tight deadlines to ideate and budget out their technical and staging ideas. Often times they rely on their vendors to price out unique customized solutions, sometimes taking weeks to pull together.

Time is your most valuable and most lacking resource in the event world.

What if there was a resource that offered up a catalog of solutions with pre-populated pricing, labor and turnaround details to help you get started, saving you hours of time.

That’s where our Event Catalog comes in.

Our Event Catalog was created as a supportive tool for our Technical Director and Event Planner clientele. It provides you with multiple staging ideas to help you in your pre-planning process. Our Event Catalog is an exclusive password-protected website that allows you to explore various staging setups, pricing, labor and turnaround details, instantaneously, all through a singular interface.

By having all of your AV event details in one location, wasted time with pricing, labor needs, and onsite turnaround becomes an issue of the past. With our Event Catalog, you gain the confidence and tools you need to run your event smoothly.

The Ultimate Time Saver

Get inspiration to build your setup exactly with your needs in mind.

Sample Set: Libra

Utilizing an Ultra-Wide Curved projection screen, our Libra solution maximizes attendee engagement by giving your content a dynamic fifty foot plus canvas to work with. Supported by large format laser projectors and switching system, our 50”+ curved screen is brought to life with multiple options to create PIP’s for video playback and content display.

Sample Set: Taurus

Content is king when you decide to use the Taurus for your next conference. With your visuals filling the entire with of the stage, our ultra wide format projection screen immerses your audience in your conference theme acting as a giant backdrop to get your message across.

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