Engineering Racks

Engineering Racks

Pre-configured engineering racks mean LESS to DO on site.

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AV Concepts in-house video engineering team pre-configures custom rack solutions specific to your event. Utilizing a flexible rack system that incorporates power, fiber, and cable management, the components are tailor-made to bring the best capability and solution to your show regardless of size.

All of the system configurations have been designed by Phoenix-based in-house engineers to maximize performance and efficiency.

Our pre-configured racks are made to house: high-resolution switchers, routers, camera systems, consoles, recorders, distribution systems, additional monitors and more… all in an easy to move workstation on wheels that you can position efficiently to your venue space.

Our goal – to save you time and money.

equipment options can include:

  • <span> switching </span>


    Barco E2 or Christie Spyder high resolution switching

  • <span> routing </span>


    Extron XTP 32x, AJA 12G 32×32 or AJA 3G 64×64

  • <span> camera systems </span>

     camera systems 

    4K Panasonic 4000 series cameras and 600 series CCU systems with 12G O/P

  • <span> consoles </span>


    Ross Carbonite Black S, 4K, 12G, up to 3 M/E, with 4 sub-discrete M/E, 2 M/E Console

  • <span> recorders </span>


    6x AJA KiPro recorders pre-configured in the rack

  • <span> distribution systems </span>

     distribution systems 

    Fiber optic distribution system

  • <span> workstation </span>


    Customized rolling work station with three racks

  • <span> monitors </span>


    Workstations can be augmented with additional monitors


Customize It

Engineering racks can be pre-configured for you now.
Take your rack efficiency to the next level.