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Get your audio system flown faster and save yourself time. With d&b audiotechnik’s lightweight V-Series, our team leverages advanced tools that provide intelligible coverage you can count on. AV Concepts takes efficiency one step further with custom packaging for the user. Our shop prep includes pre-pinning cabinet angles and in the correct order. The power of d&b audiotechnik’s V & T series line arrays gives you premium sound with a flexibility that broaden your design choices to fit venue needs.

You get the confidence of a customized package designed with the experience of our system engineers. The d&b workflow allows for easy file sharing which makes collaborating with a larger team seamless. This leaves out all the messy paperwork ensuring your team is well aligned.

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coverage is key

The design starts with a mock venue in 3D to view sound coverage details and check sight line viewing angles. An on-site system check verifies all components and provides a real-time headroom reading during the show. Plus, intuitive rigging allows for incredibly accurate installations with a fast and safe process. This makes things easy and reliable.

attractive specs you can trust

  • <span> weight </span>


    d&b V-Series

    75 lbs.

    This 3way cabinet allows for incredible power in venues where weight is an issue. This reduces rigging costs while maintaining quality and capability. An 8Box line array is only 653lbs.

  • <span> smaller footprint </span>

     smaller footprint 

    d&b T10


    Smaller cabinets mean flexibility in use. With expansive rigging options and large output, these speakers are great for smaller arrays, stage fills, and point source applications.

  • <span> cable efficiency </span>

     cable efficiency 

    d&b V-Series – cabling

    single NL8

    These cabinets were designed with an ingenious architecture to eliminate extra channels needed to power a 3way cabinet. A line array of 8 cabinets only requires a single NL8 cable and uses a single d&b D20 4ch amplifier.

  • <span> power efficiency </span>

     power efficiency 

    d&b D20 amp

    single 20A

    Each d&b D20 amplifier requires only a 20amp 120v circuit. This helps keep the system manageable for most venues and allows other departments to share the same power service.

  • <span> systems </span>




    AV Concepts designed custom packaging for the entire inventory. This increases the efficiency of the user by keeping all of the components organized, accessible, and protected. All packaging lines up and stacks neatly for trucking.


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