4 EventTech Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

4 EventTech Ideas to Spark Your Imagination

February 12, 2015 Corporate Blog


Creating a general session experience that cuts through the noise and captivates audiences is challenging, especially when you’re collaborating with multiple vendors to bring a concept to fruition.

The key is choosing a general session partner who understands both the creative and technical elements of a show. From stage design to media systems, content creation to production management, having a well-rounded partner will enable your creative ideas to flow from planning to production.

For more than 25-years, AV Concepts’ multidisciplinary approach to creative, technology and engineering has enabled them to create at higher levels because they understand the technical requirements needed to bring creative concepts to life across any medium. “Our team is made up of both technologists and artists, so we’re able to help our clients brainstorm and implement new ideas for their keynotes and general sessions,” explained Malcolm Tinkham, Vice President of Creative Solutions at AV Concepts.

Here are some of our favorite event tech ideas to spark the imagination during the general session planning process:

1. Blend Backgrounds with Presentations

Intricate stage design requires custom content that doesn’t allow for PowerPoint authors to use the whole canvas. In this case, integrating slide backgrounds with the larger canvas gives the feel of a huge presentation. This coupled with a few full-canvas content changes will immerse attendees in the message.

Blend backgrounds with your creative content, giving the feel of a huge presentation

2. False-Start Opens

Create a false start so the full force of the audio-visual setup isn’t used until after the opening speaker. This creates a personal touchpoint before the heightened energy of the presentation.

Consider a false-start, so the full force of your general session isn’t used until after the opening speaker

3. Interactivity Using Conference Apps

Integrate conference mobile applications with interactive stage content, simultaneously driving event app downloads and participation in important general session moments.

Integrate conference mobile apps with interactive stage content

4. Design Through Lines

Take the design of the general session to breakout rooms, lounges, and parties. If there is a big curved widescreen, use curved displays in other areas. Carrying the theme throughout will create a seamless show experience for attendees.

Take the look of the general session to breakout rooms, lounges and parties

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