3 Takeaways from EventMarketer’s Experiential Marketing Summit

3 Takeaways from EventMarketer’s Experiential Marketing Summit

May 21, 2015 Corporate Blog


The event marketing elite gathered in San Francisco last week for EventMarketer’s Experiential Marketing Summit, a place where top marketers discuss the latest trends, insights and best practices in experiential marketing.

AV Concepts had a strong presence at this year’s event. Richard Steinau, an Executive Vice President at AV Concepts, presented on the “Rise of Experience”, speaking to how events have become the social currency millennials crave to share.

He also discussed the three key components that drive the biggest real-time social engagement, and the most ROI when combined artistically:

  1. Unique valuable content
  2. The element of surprise
  3. Deeply emotional engagement

We incorporated some of these key components into our exhibit space, including a holographic display, which definitely acted as an element of surprise! Attendees were enamored with the technology, which showcased  how holographic can bring deeper engagement with products and services at the point-of-purchase.

“People stopped in their tracks to check-out the holographic display and take photos of it,” explained David Deal, Director of Marketing at AV Concepts. “People were trying to figure out how it worked, and if what they were seeming was real. It was fun to watch and makes you realize that holographic technology is going to be a big part of the future of event marketing.”

What were your key takeaways from Experiential Marketing Summit? Let us know in the comments section below.


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