Bringing On The Business Development

Bringing On The Business Development

May 15, 2018 Corporate Blog

AV Concepts is happy to announce the recent hire of Blake Kasselman, Business Development Director for AV Concepts.

Blake drives business opportunities while leading new client relationships and managing customer goals.

Working in the live event AV industry for over 8 years, Blake has a penchant for tracking new markets and emerging industry trends to develop successful strategies for a wide variety of clientele. His expertise in the field, combined with his event knowledge make him a perfect fit for this solutions-based company culture.

“I’ve always loved the ability to connect clients to the right AV technologies. Not only does that help customers meet the demands of getting their messages out there to the public, but also provides a channel for an experience that’s memorable and impactful.”

Having earlier experience in media production as a producer–Blake brings with him a skillset that helps inform much of his work. While studying film and media early in his academic career with roots at the University of Kansas, Blake fell in love with how content creates a visceral experience with the viewer. He later transitioned into providing that same experience in a live medium, engaging in the AV industry. His passion helps to connect customers to the right technology solutions, ensuring events wow attendees from start to finish.

To reach out to Blake Kasselman directly, send him an email at Or for more information, reach us at (480) 557-6000.

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