The Impact of Social Media on Events

The Impact of Social Media on Events

April 3, 2018 Corporate Blog

Great content creators have had a profound effect on the virility of their posts, and how that can be easy promotion for your events. Every event planner and meeting coordinator should keep this in mind when asking attendees to join in on the social game. And that’s important to note, whether that be pre, during or post-event. It’s more than just having a hashtag however. It’s about creating those token phrases, and promoting it amongst your followers and providing engagement during the event.

That means that no matter what message you want out there for your attendees, make sure to include a social aspect to give your event a better shot at attendees sharing your information with the world. Work smart, not hard and take advantage of those who are already in the social mix.

An interesting point to notate is that 98% of consumers create digital or social content. And out of those folks–guess how many of them actually share it? See below for the stat:


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