Who is Rezin8?

Who is Rezin8?

October 25, 2017 Corporate Blog

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Innovation, Creativity, and Technology All Under One Roof!

Everyone wants their live events and activations to engage and differentiate from all others to help drive business objectives. But how do you know that the technology aligns with the creative? And furthermore, that the content is crafted especially for the design and your audience? With AV Concepts and Rezin8, you have all of that expertise under one roof! Whether it’s selecting the right team to handle the staging for your general session or designing and executing an immersive projection mapping experience, AV Concepts and Rezin8 are the solutions to create a memorable experience that’s right for your event.

Rezin8 is a collaborative creative team who specialize in developing and delivering disruptive experiences. “We found that by bringing together multidisciplinary teams to design experiences alongside our clients helps ensure that what we’re creating speaks directly to their audience, is technically feasible and that no creative is lost in translation,” says Derrick Avina, Executive Director at Rezin8. “From conception to execution, the Rezin8 team is a collaborative resource for brands and agencies to help amplify business goals and objectives.”

AV Concepts carries with it a rich 30-year history of high-end staging experience with innovative technologies. Industry veterans focus on pushing the boundaries of technical feasibilities and project execution. The value is the collaboration between both brands. When both brands partner together, the results are amazing, unique experiences – with flawless and seamless execution for clients who truly want to break through the clutter.

For more information, check out our website and see the power behind both AV Concepts and Rezin8!

Below is a deep dive on some of Rezin8’s service offerings–

Experiential Design
For Rezin8, the design process begins once we immerse ourselves in our client’s brand to allow their culture to be the inspiration behind what we are helping create.

This approach provides creative that is handcrafted specifically to address the goals and objectives for their events and activations in a way that creates an emotional connection with their audience… Resulting in a truly memorable experience.

Technical Innovation
Our R&D team helps enable creativity beyond the limits of off the shelf products through their innovations in technology developed and engineered to bring the physical form to the solutions behind our client’s unique activations.

And we never leave anything to chance. We build and demo scaled models inside our Lab to help our clients not only pre-visualize the experience before stepping a foot onsite… But to also give them confidence and peace of mind.

Content Integration
We help our clients craft incredible stories that create connections between brands and their audience.

By understanding and integrating with the technology and design that drive the content… We can develop the visuals that will maximize the canvas in a way that influences the audience to interact and engage with the brand messaging.

Unique Activations
Utilizing our client’s goal and objectives as our North Star—we design and deliver meaningful experiences by creating targeted dynamic content coupled with immersive technology for brands and agencies that want to tap into the consumers’ passion for entertainment, music, technology, and storytelling.

For more information, please visit Rezin8.com and lets get started on building your dream experience today.

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