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Projection Mapping

Epson Infocomm 2014

With short attention spans and information overload, countless brands are vying for consumer attention. Capturing mindshare and spurring measurable actions from audiences is more difficult than ever before. However, high-definition content creation and projection mapping is one of the best ways to captivate audiences.

With traditional projection, presenters are limited by a flat, two-dimensional surface. It’s not necessarily ineffective, but a 2D wall just doesn’t pack the punch you were looking for.  AV Concepts’ custom video projection mapping solutions, powered by Liquid Scenic® servers, gives videos the shape and dimension that can create an immersive experience for audiences.

Our Liquid Scenic® servers enable virtually unlimited streams of uncompressed high-definition video to seamlessly blend across any projection mapped surface. Our team of artists create incredibly dynamic projection mapped content, and our content managers use the system to bring together content from multiple sources into a blended show experience. No compression means we can keep the content in its highest quality form and make changes quickly without losing the quality that comes with compressed video. This allows our team to project on any surface—curved screens, complex 3D stages, full-size buildings or even aircraft carriers—bringing any environment to life.

Creative application of projection mapping transforms exhibits, conferences and live events into a virtual reality wonderland only limited by the imagination. Contact us to learn more.


Make an impact at your next event, and ensure deeper connections between your audience and message through large-scale projection mapping with these five easy tips.

Sample Videos

Wildhorse Resort & Casino

AV Concepts utilized our Liquid Scenic® technology to produce a highly complex and visually stunning imagery that was projected on the front of a new ten story tower at the Wildhorse Resort & Casino, garnering lots of positive buzz from guests and media.

Hard Rock Hotel

In honor of Pinktober, AV Concepts partnered with the Hard Rock Hotel to create an intricate projection mapping to help raise awareness for their month-long fundraising event for Susan G. Komen for the Cure in San Diego.

Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land

AV Concepts worked closely with the Monastery’s renovation team to design, engineer and create content for a unique, ultra-wide screen projection mapping installation that takes visitors on an immersive, virtual tour of the Holy Land that’s lead by a virtual Friar.

Grammy Awards

Partnering with Rich & Tone Productions and Chris Brown, AV Concepts created a new standard for live visual entertainment at the 2012 Grammy Awards with our projection mapped, multi-level pyramid that harmonized dynamic content with the choreography of the show.

USS Midway

AV Concepts transformed the USS Midway aircraft carrier with projection mapping for their 5th annual Midway American patriot Awards honoring acclaimed naval aviators and American heroes.


The first nightclub in the country to utilize our projection mapping technology, Stingaree partnered with AV Concepts to create content and Liquid Scenic® projection mapping that enhanced the club’s design and nightlife experience for guests.