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Holographic Displays

AV Concepts Scalable Holographic Display

Looking for creative ways to spice-up the promotion of your products at conferences, exhibits, tradeshows and events? Holographic displays are a great way to captivate attendees and engage them with your brand. AV Concepts’ 32-inch holographic display units–which are available for sale or to rent–offer an affordable, ROI-rich alternative that brings tradeshows, exhibits and presentations to life.

Our holographic displays are fully integrated 3D illusions that use cutting-edge technology to combine physical objects with 3D imagery and lend an aspect of virtual reality to any viewing experience. Unlike their life-sized counterparts, these holographic illusions are smaller in size and perfectly suited to display items that might be too large or costly to implement at full scale.

Designed and manufactured in the USA, features include:

  • High quality HD display (1920×1080)
  • Easy on-site setup and operation
  • Accessibility to interior cavity space for product staging and display
  • Interior cavity lighting to illuminate product or staging elements
  • Removable back to enhance dimensional effect of holographic content
  • Stereo sound from multimedia player
  • Automatic looping of supplied video content
  • Pedestal stand for ideal viewing

AV Concepts’ creative team is also available, at an additional charge, to consult and build custom creative content for display units to ensure optimal design and projection. Let us make your products stand out by showcasing them to your audience in a whole new light.


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