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Our Services

AV Concepts combines breakthrough technology, creativity, and artistry to provide the latest in audio-visual experiences, as well as lighting, projection, and technical support. The company offers a wide range of audio-visual services for organizations, corporate events, conventions, entertainment venues, and beyond. We have created audio-visual solutions for a large number of high-profile clients. Some of our services include:

Audio, Video, and Lighting

The bread and butter of our operations, audio, video, and lighting services play a key role in any presentation, meeting, convention, trade show or experiential event. We provide our technical and creative expertise combined with our well-trained staff, state of the art equipment, and thorough support to ensure that your event looks, sounds, and feels amazing from beginning to end.


AV Concepts brings new dimensions to projection technology. Along with traditional screen projection, we provide projection mapping and 3D holographic projection services. Through our Liquid Scenic℠ technology, we can contour a projection to a curved, angled, or otherwise unconventional flat screen or window. This gives you complete flexibility and creativity when setting up projection displays without sacrificing the quality, definition, or usability.

AV concepts can also create a life-sized three-dimensional projection that appears within a live stage setting and interacts with other on-stage personnel. The most notable example of this technology is the holographic projection of the late Tupac Shakur we created for a Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg performance at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. This projection technology breaks sensory barriers and brings presentations to an entirely new level.


AV Concepts offers a wide range of services to improve your company’s presentation wherever you need it. We can create convention displays and room diagrams that catch a user’s attention and present information in interactive and vibrant ways.

Digital signage is one of our most popular services. Digital signs and kiosk controllers provide reliable, dynamic, and interactive displays that can show numerous forms of content and information and offer a more exciting experience over traditional static signage.

With advanced technology and our team’s innovation, AV Concepts can tailor a unique, custom solution that works with your specific situation. We are not afraid to try new things, even if that means doing things that were once thought to be impossible.