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Projection Mapping

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Liquid Scenic® Projection Mapping Service

With traditional projection, presenters are limited by a flat, two-dimensional surface. It’s not necessarily ineffective, but a 2D wall just doesn’t pack the wallop you were looking for.

As Pythagoras and Socrates discovered so many centuries ago, the world isn’t flat, so why perpetuate that notion? Flat is out. Projection mapping is the wave of the future. Give your video some shape and dimension, engage your audience, and blow their minds. AV Concepts can deliver this complete experience.

How do we accomplish such seamless projection mapping? Two words: LIQUID SCENIC. It’s our unique service that utilizes a custom video projection mapping solution, which provides complete flexibility in how you display your visual content. Liquid Scenic is our custom video projection service.

LIQUID SCENIC uses many tools to implement the full experience, including completely uncompressed high-definition video streams and an easy timeline interface to provide content managers with all the flexibility they need. No compression means we can keep the content in its rawest form without constantly re-rendering for edits and dynamic changes. What this means is that our team can project to whatever surface you want, from a flat projection screen to a complete cityscape, and add in custom control systems. Use your handheld device or implement touch screen interaction, gestures, or an immersive cueing system. All that improvisation and flexibility makes the process a lot like the beauty of jazz music.

Despite the seeming complexity, LIQUID SCENIC does not rely on racks of equipment, and instead works with a single unit that integrates smoothly with existing computer and image processing systems. Say goodbye to backbreaking bulk and clutter. Using our LIQUID SCENIC® service, you can deliver amazing imagery and graphics into your next event or production.

This amazing—now we’re just bragging—video mapping projection service is nothing without the people and techs behind it all. The server and optimized software are just the musical instruments. You need a virtuoso to use those instruments to produce breathtaking sights and sounds and that fully integrated production service is LIQUID SCENIC.

LIQUID SCENIC is not the technology itself, but the implementation, thought process, and frame of mind. That sounds sentimental, but it’s true and it’s how we deliver such awesome results.