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Coachella 2012

Project 24 of 34

Holographic Projection at the Coachella Music Festival

After months of design, engineering, creative production, and rehearsals, AV Concepts delivered a 3-dimensional, life-sized holographic projection effect of Tupac Shakur to perform on stage during both weekends of the renowned Coachella music festival.  AV Concepts customized a foil screen and a 30′ x 13′ projection system that descended onto the stage in mere seconds under a cover of darkness to bring the famous deceased rapper to back to life as a perceived hologram.  AV Concepts utilized it’s proprietary Liquid Scenic? technology to merge multiple high-definition projection streams that delivered the life-like imagery critical to the success and impact of the performance.

The performance amazed hundreds of thousands of Coachella festival-goers, and millions of online viewers worldwide.